Monday, May 26, 2014

Virtues Assembly

Virtues Assembly

It was our first virtue assembly of the year.  The virtue we were presenting was kindness.  We felt that kindness in our school is fading away so that's why we wanted to remind the school about kindness.

When Latanoa introduced our Tongan mats or what we call the kindness mat I held up my mat proudly.  My mat was colored green and black with my name on the top.

My group produced a song and a poem.  I read the poem about kindness that I wrote.  I read the poem nervously and anxiously.  After that we sang our song while Rachel played the ukulele.

One person from each class had to do a pattern just like the kindness mat.  Next I grabbed George who was about to represent room 4.  Room 4 was Kindness is forgiving someone.  Later we pinned it up.

When it was about to finish we sang Dejas group song that they produced and we went out with a happy smile with a good understanding about Kindness.

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