Monday, July 11, 2011

Kite Day


On a rainy ugly weather Room 6 and 5, 4, and 3 we were going to make kites everybody was very excited to make a interesting kite. Some people wanted to carry on with their work when all the classes that were supposed to come and make new kites. When all the excited people were waiting Mr Coakley told us to be good, to listen and respect the visitors we can be the best school in Auckland.
Next I saw the Matariki group coming to the hall it was freezing in the hall when they came we started to look at each person. Next one person from the Matariki team came to introduce herself and her team her name was Ally and it was Maori language week. She showed us the that they made a Maori kite, it was made out of feathers, bamboo and Maori flags. When she said we are going to make our kites everybody was excited. When we finished making our kites Ally said that we can fly our kites it was fun, then the bell rang and it was play time so we had to walk to our class room sensibly and we said thank you and that was fun.
THE END!!!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011


Having a blog is special because I can send my work when it’s finished and my family can look at my work to see if I’m doing impressive and good.
I can show my work to my family.
Having a blog is fun because you can write cool stuff and things and anybody can see my work.