Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Biscuit Making!

The biscuit making today has been phenomenal with us building more chemistry with our soul friends has been amazing.  I have seen alot of smiles of happiness.  The Te ragatera group and I had
done a great job organising this event.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Reflection - ( CAMP PIHA )


Camp was an experience I would never forget. When we arrived to camp there was only a few of us leaders.  But when we left, we l all left as mature leaders and one whole big family.  We learnt things that just inspired us leaders to do better in life and in the future. ENJOY THE PRESENTATION!

Friday, November 14, 2014



Today we we were working on a project that was going to be displayed in town at the waterfront.  This project was put together by the Roots.   This art was made by bottles that would look like a wave.  After that it was going to be transformed into a greenhouse which will be built for the plants.  The bottles that was going to be displayed in total was 4500!  WOW!  We wrote wishes based on world, family, friends, community, ourselves and your Christmas wish.  The whole school was involved.  We had to put our art work into the bottles.  This artwork was going to be displayed for the last 6 weeks of summer.  I hope my wishes come true over the school holidays. Thank you Petelo, Alice and Aunty Tina.


Friday, November 7, 2014

My Writing Test


Writing E asttle Term 4

People have a lot of expectations of what a special and unique place is. I don't. Because I think a special place should be a place where you feel free and comfortable with.  School is my special place.

Subsequently school is a place of gaining knowledge and Intelligence for a better life, future and career. School is a surrounded and crowded area with teachers and students.  School is like a home for some students and pupils.  To be able to receive love and respect from your school mates and the school community.  For some children school would a dream especially if they can't afford.  School is a place where you would emotionally feel blissful, amazing and peaceful.

School is a place to share emotional feelings and manner.  School is where you value and cherish the spectacular moments and memories.  It's a place that you interact and contribute to challenges with students.  It's a place where you achieve goals as a class and family.  School is where friendship starts in your journey life.  School is where you feel comfortable explaining you thinking and knowledge.  School builds up the real you by the way you do things in life.

School is not only a special place to me. It's a special place for you.

Sefesi And I - LOCKDOWN

Sefesi and I Conversation in Spanish.

 Our Conversation In English -

Excuse Me

Hello good morning

Good morning

How are you ?

I'm good thank you

And you?

I'm great

Thank you