Monday, May 26, 2014

Explanation Kindness

Explanation Kindness

Have you met someone who cares about you, who does good to others and make your life easier.  Who helps you and when you are in need.  The virtue that, that person is using to you is kindness.

Firstly you should practice kindness because people need each other and help.  Secondly you need kindness because it allows you to live in a healthy environment.  Lastly you need to use kindness everyday, to every person you know.  

Kindness is the virtue you need to have and use.  You always need to have the virtue of kindness because it helps you and that persons life more easier.  If you don’t have kindness you would not care about your family, yourself and everything that exists in this world.

Kindness is an act that is important for us those who need it especially in scenarios and situations.  The reason why everyone needs to practice kindness is because it will help the environment for us to live in a better place.

Thats why kindness is important.

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