Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Reflection ( Shocking Mum )


Retell what I have read and what I have learnt on the activities relating to Shocking Mum -   I have read story about a mum that has been shocked from a car.  She had been shocked 4 times including being shocked from a car and the mum was so scared from being shocked she even shut the door by kicking it.  The son searched about the shock that her mum had and found some great information for getting rid of it.  The next day she took her son's advice from getting rid of the shock which exactly worked.  The whole day she did not get shocked until she sat down on the couch and got a great big shock which she felt mostly.  I have learnt new vocabulary that I can use for my writing.  New Vocabulary Word - Friction Activity 1 - I have learnt how to organise news paper scene from Shocking mum.  Activity 2 - I have learnt the opposite words that were in the story ( one scene )  Activity 3 - I learnt how to make a story using slideshows.

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