Friday, August 5, 2011

My Holiday
On a cold and dark day me, my brother and two cousins were going to the movies to watch Cars 2 at Sylvia Park. I was waiting for my brother to get our two cousins, while I stayed with my dad. When I was waiting for my brother it was boring, I was waiting for minutes. Next finally my brother came with our two cousins, so we all went to the top and met all the other people. We saw them and ate lots of food before we went inside the movies. We got some treats from my dads boss and he told us to get popcorn, drinks, lollies and hot dogs. After we found seats for us, the movie started.
Tow Truck was a special spy and Lightning McQueen lost his race against French Chesco because of Tow Truck. When Cars 2 was almost finished Lightning McQueen had a final race then Tow Truck said “three two one go!” Lightning McQueen was leading the race and Tow Truck had his last wish. He said “I wanted my booster” then he got it and caught up to Lightning and the movie was finished.
It was an awesome movie.

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