Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Super Good Boys

Super Good Boys!!!
It was a hot, bad day, there was a land called Heroland. There was a boy called Jin and his brother Scottcheeter. Together they were great Superheros. When they get hurt they fly into space to get more energy and power.
While Scottcheeter was doing some weights he asked Jin if he wanted to do some weights. He said “Nah, I don't want to do weights, how about I get you a drink instead Scottcheeter?”
When Jin was walking he saw a girl who asked for a signature. She was a big fan of Jin. She told him her name was Lin.
Suddenly Tigerman came and punched him and took him to his deathly evil car and flew to back to Hero land. Scottcheehter was worried when Jin didn’t come home. He was out walking and he started to ask people if anyone has seen Jin. He got scared, because each person said no. Lin walked by, she saw Scottcheeter. Later on that afternoon as Scottcheeter was surrounded by a large group of people. Lin knew she could help so she started to budge through the crowd, it was hard to get through. Finally she talked to him, she said “I saw Tigerman! He came and took Jin to his evil car!” Bad Lion girl was in the car as well. This is a big deal! Scottcheehter do you need somebody to come with you, so he started to think, think and think, what felt like 10 hours later he thought maybe Spider Monkey could help! This hero is a incredible fighter, his powers are fire, water and he's a flexible man too.
After that crazy afternoon he called his friend with a transporter, he called Spider Monkey. “Come to my house to get changed and save my little brother” Spider Monkey said “Yes I would come to make a plan.”
When they finished their plans, they were ready. Scottcheeter and Spider Monkey just landed in Bad Hero Land, each house says their names on the roof.
The place looked creepy, scary, horrible, and the lastly it was a disaster.
When they saw Tigerman's and Liongirl's house it was a terrible house. Scottcheeter called out for Tigerman and Liongirl to come out. They came out and showed Jin he was whipped, scratched, and lastly cut! Scottcheehter got really angry and he started to shine.
Tigerman and Liongirl got scared but they still wanted to fight Spider Monkey so they ran and punched him. Tigerman started to run. Scottcheehter grabbed him and threw him away, he saw Liongirl running for her life but Scottcheehter didn’t want to get Liongirl. He just wanted to find his brother, he kept on looking and looking and looking then he heard Jin say “help help...?” Scottcheeter cracked the last door it blew up lots of dust, then he saw his brother being quiet.
When they came back home Scottcheeter was sleeping ready for another day of adventure.
The End

Monday, September 26, 2011


Once upon a time there was a little boy called Punchinello and he wasn't a human being, he was made out of wood. The person who created him, his name was Eli, he created everybody. Every wood person lived in the mountain, some people had beards, hats, money, coats and mean and big eyes. When Punchinello was walking people started to put spots on him, he felted he didn't want to go outside because he felt sad and he was one of the lamest people. He went to this place where all people had spots. Punchinello met this girl called Lucia, she had no spots. Every person tried to put spots but it couldnt stick When Punchinello asked her how did she do it she told him it's from the person who made us, "his name is Eli". Punchinello thought that Eli will tease him. When Punchinello decided to go and talk to him, he knocked then Eli said, "come in. hi Punchinello". Punchinello said "how did you know my name? how did Lucia do that?" Eli said "what?". "When people were putting stickers, it couldnt stick" said Punchinello. When he asked how did she did it Eli said "don't trust those wemmicks, they put dots on you, trust in love and me". When Punchinello went out one dot fell off.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

First Day of Swimming.
On a wet sunny and beautiful day room 6 was going swimming, we were very excited to go swimming. When Miss Oldfield divided us in groups, group a was swimming first. Group b had to work in class until they finished, each group had 30 minutes. Finally my group had to go and dress up, so I rushed all the way to the toilets and dressed as fast as I could. So Miss told is every single person is here and I said yes. When we were running to the courts to swim I was getting very excited. When Mr Berton told us what to do we were going inside the swimming pool my body felt warm, he said we are playing Simon says and other games too. Room 6 had to get out of the pool I had a great day of wet swimming.!!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

My Holiday
On a cold and dark day me, my brother and two cousins were going to the movies to watch Cars 2 at Sylvia Park. I was waiting for my brother to get our two cousins, while I stayed with my dad. When I was waiting for my brother it was boring, I was waiting for minutes. Next finally my brother came with our two cousins, so we all went to the top and met all the other people. We saw them and ate lots of food before we went inside the movies. We got some treats from my dads boss and he told us to get popcorn, drinks, lollies and hot dogs. After we found seats for us, the movie started.
Tow Truck was a special spy and Lightning McQueen lost his race against French Chesco because of Tow Truck. When Cars 2 was almost finished Lightning McQueen had a final race then Tow Truck said “three two one go!” Lightning McQueen was leading the race and Tow Truck had his last wish. He said “I wanted my booster” then he got it and caught up to Lightning and the movie was finished.
It was an awesome movie.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Kite Day


On a rainy ugly weather Room 6 and 5, 4, and 3 we were going to make kites everybody was very excited to make a interesting kite. Some people wanted to carry on with their work when all the classes that were supposed to come and make new kites. When all the excited people were waiting Mr Coakley told us to be good, to listen and respect the visitors we can be the best school in Auckland.
Next I saw the Matariki group coming to the hall it was freezing in the hall when they came we started to look at each person. Next one person from the Matariki team came to introduce herself and her team her name was Ally and it was Maori language week. She showed us the that they made a Maori kite, it was made out of feathers, bamboo and Maori flags. When she said we are going to make our kites everybody was excited. When we finished making our kites Ally said that we can fly our kites it was fun, then the bell rang and it was play time so we had to walk to our class room sensibly and we said thank you and that was fun.
THE END!!!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011


Having a blog is special because I can send my work when it’s finished and my family can look at my work to see if I’m doing impressive and good.
I can show my work to my family.
Having a blog is fun because you can write cool stuff and things and anybody can see my work.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Family Description

1. Chief /cooking Mum.
2. Boss of everything dad.
3. Loving ones is my family.
4. Babysitter is my mum or sister or brother.
5. I am the playful one in the family.
6. My brother and I and my dad are the sporty ones.
7. The joker in my family is my brother Puli because he always teases me.
8. The peacemaker is my mum she sorts me and my sister out.
9. The musician one is my whole family.
10.The taxi one is my two sisters, brother and dad.
11. My dad pays the bills.
12. The hungry one is my dad.
13. The nurse is my mum.
14. The builder is my dad and brother.
15. The kindness one is my brother and mum.
16. Sometimes I clean the dishes or my sister or my mum.
17. My mum cuts the grass or dad or brother or me.
18. Every school holiday I come to school for holiday programme.
19. I am the youngest in my family.
20. The prayerful one is all my family.
21. My brother is the brainiest.
22. I always take the rubbish bin outside.
23. I always go to church every Sunday.
24. I always look after the baby.
25. I am a fan of wrestling.
26. I am the hardest tackler in my family.

Monday, May 30, 2011


My name is Ascot and I am ten years old and I go to St Pius X school.

I have one brother and two sister’s and I’m the youngest in the family.
My favourite thing to do is playing outside with my cousin’s playing kicks over the goal post and playing PlayStation 2 game’s.
My favourite singer is Micheal Jackson, Bruno Mars, Jason Darolo, Chris brown and Usher.
My favourite game is Tecken 6 and 5. I’ve got eight favourite players Paul Phoenix, Amour King, Horang, Steve Fox, Bruce, Marshal Law, Moku Jin, Kuma Christie Motero, Need for speed underground, All stars, Sing star and Rugby08.
My favourite players of the whole rugby league is Billy Slater, Keven lock, Manu Vaitivai, Chris Sandow, Greg Engels, Daren Lockier, Ya Ye and Willy Tonga.
My favourite movie is Fast and Furious five and my favourite cartoon is Dragon Ball Z, Bakugan new Vestroia, Johnny Test and Ben 10 ultimate alien, Pokemon, Spongebob, Phineas and Ferb and Avatar.
My favourite subjects in school is maths, writing and RE.