Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mothers Day

Mother’s Day

Have you ever met someone in your life who is so meaningful and delightful.  Who is always supportive and a gift you will never replace.  My love for her is in a place that no one knows not even the greatest investigator in the world can find.  It is in a place that I and someone special only can find it.  That special someone is my mum.

My mum is like a calculator who can answer my problems and my needs.    My mum is the most efficient and the most truthful lady you will ever meet.  All mothers are special but my mum is the most special ingredient in my life.  If I had no mum like in my life would be nothing.  

When I get kisses from my mum I have a high temperature of love.  My mum is like a strategy that could solves me to make me feel alive and to be eager to do good things to others.  My mum is like hero who can protect me from evil, harm and darkness .  She is the compass of my life who keeps me on the right track and a mother who rocks my world.

Finally I thank God for the most perfect mum for me.

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