Thursday, May 29, 2014

Reflection ( Gorilla Mountain )


I have read about a lady named Diane who went to to Africa a placed name Rwanda. Diane was raised and was from San Francisco . Diane located in Virunga mountain.  During her 3rd year in Virunga mountain she studied about mountain gorillas in the wild.  Diane stayed on the mountain for 18 years recording how they act and behave.  Diane finally knew how to communicate with the gorillas, the gorillas began to trust Diane.  Diane spent her life by protecting the gorillas from harm.  In 1985 Diane was killed but her work is still now being carried on by others.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Reflection ( Shocking Mum )


Retell what I have read and what I have learnt on the activities relating to Shocking Mum -   I have read story about a mum that has been shocked from a car.  She had been shocked 4 times including being shocked from a car and the mum was so scared from being shocked she even shut the door by kicking it.  The son searched about the shock that her mum had and found some great information for getting rid of it.  The next day she took her son's advice from getting rid of the shock which exactly worked.  The whole day she did not get shocked until she sat down on the couch and got a great big shock which she felt mostly.  I have learnt new vocabulary that I can use for my writing.  New Vocabulary Word - Friction Activity 1 - I have learnt how to organise news paper scene from Shocking mum.  Activity 2 - I have learnt the opposite words that were in the story ( one scene )  Activity 3 - I learnt how to make a story using slideshows.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


This morning I learnt the basics skills and important skills about softball.  But before we go to the basics we sparked up a little game for a warm up.  The game we played was unknown to us and the game was called triangle tag.

Its when there is one tagger and the other three had to hold hands in a circle. The tagger has to tag a person but the person who is trying to escape from the tagger shuffle to the side and the other until the tagger tags you.

The basics I learnt were simple but still needed more work.  First I learnt the snap that you use your two hands one on the bottom and one on top. Secondly I learnt the under arm throw.  The under arm throw is how you throw it below your waist and also throw it with one hand.  

Next I learnt the how to catch the ball your hands have to be together and it will look shaped like a butterfly.  Also we learnt how to throw the ball over arm, one hand had to point to the opposite persons chest and the other is behind you with the ball facing away from your head.

We learnt great skills and use it when we play softball.

Mothers Day

Mother’s Day

Have you ever met someone in your life who is so meaningful and delightful.  Who is always supportive and a gift you will never replace.  My love for her is in a place that no one knows not even the greatest investigator in the world can find.  It is in a place that I and someone special only can find it.  That special someone is my mum.

My mum is like a calculator who can answer my problems and my needs.    My mum is the most efficient and the most truthful lady you will ever meet.  All mothers are special but my mum is the most special ingredient in my life.  If I had no mum like in my life would be nothing.  

When I get kisses from my mum I have a high temperature of love.  My mum is like a strategy that could solves me to make me feel alive and to be eager to do good things to others.  My mum is like hero who can protect me from evil, harm and darkness .  She is the compass of my life who keeps me on the right track and a mother who rocks my world.

Finally I thank God for the most perfect mum for me.

Interview ( Sacred Heart )


When we arrived to sacred heart my heart was pounding real fast.  I hopped off the car nervously and walked towards the old boys lounge room.  I walked in and ticked off my name.

While my mum was filling out the form I was thinking about what sort of question are they going to ask me.  A few minutes later I was directed to Brother Gerald who was going to question me.

As soon as he introduced himself he remembered my mother from the past.  Brother Gerald told me that the interview was about me.  Next he questioned me that was about learning and why I want to go sacred heart.

I answered with confidence and was proud of my self.  Brother also mention about my report saying good comments about it.  Then I walked out happy and excited hoping I get in to sacred heart.  

Monday, May 26, 2014

Virtues Assembly

Virtues Assembly

It was our first virtue assembly of the year.  The virtue we were presenting was kindness.  We felt that kindness in our school is fading away so that's why we wanted to remind the school about kindness.

When Latanoa introduced our Tongan mats or what we call the kindness mat I held up my mat proudly.  My mat was colored green and black with my name on the top.

My group produced a song and a poem.  I read the poem about kindness that I wrote.  I read the poem nervously and anxiously.  After that we sang our song while Rachel played the ukulele.

One person from each class had to do a pattern just like the kindness mat.  Next I grabbed George who was about to represent room 4.  Room 4 was Kindness is forgiving someone.  Later we pinned it up.

When it was about to finish we sang Dejas group song that they produced and we went out with a happy smile with a good understanding about Kindness.

The Making Of Our Tongan ( Kindness ) Mats.

We were learning to make Tongan mats by following a procedural writing.  It has been named the kindness mat.  It was made for our virtues Assembly.  We used a A3 colored paper ( Our Choice ) that would mix with the black stripes which is 3 cm wide.  The pattern was simple you put the black stripe in and out.  It was your choice to fold it on the end or to cut the end with the scissors.  After that you glue it to the colored paper and then there you go.  Your beautiful Tongan mat.     

Explanation Kindness

Explanation Kindness

Have you met someone who cares about you, who does good to others and make your life easier.  Who helps you and when you are in need.  The virtue that, that person is using to you is kindness.

Firstly you should practice kindness because people need each other and help.  Secondly you need kindness because it allows you to live in a healthy environment.  Lastly you need to use kindness everyday, to every person you know.  

Kindness is the virtue you need to have and use.  You always need to have the virtue of kindness because it helps you and that persons life more easier.  If you don’t have kindness you would not care about your family, yourself and everything that exists in this world.

Kindness is an act that is important for us those who need it especially in scenarios and situations.  The reason why everyone needs to practice kindness is because it will help the environment for us to live in a better place.

Thats why kindness is important.

Friday, May 23, 2014

My Reflection

My Reflection

I learnt that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.  Also I learnt that Jesus is Father and the Father is Jesus and that Jesus is the most kindness person.  I learnt also that you should have faith in Jesus every time.

Poem Kindness

Poem Kindness

Kindness is a special virtue of mine.
 It will help you and others especially for mothers.
              An act of kindness is so mindless.
If you don’t have kind in you, you are blind, you are a stranger to good people eyes.  
If you're not kind to yourself you are unfair people will just see you as like an old grumpy looking bear.
Kindness is good it will never let you down it won’t give you a bad day leaving school with a frown.  
Thats why kind is important for me and you it will help those who need it mostly too.  

Thank You.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Holy Spirit Prayer

Dear Holy Spirit,

I thank you for supporting and blessing  the apostles for spreading the good news to people who do need to listen more about God. I pray that you guide those who need the holy spirit and fill them with your love and kindness.  Also I pray that you watch over those who need it mostly bless them and protect with love.  

Friday, May 9, 2014

Term 2 - Writing and Maths Goals

In term 2 for writing I am going to improve my ideas I want it to be more complex and I want to improve on my vocabulary to use more adjectives.

For maths I am going to focus on Making statements about data and to plan an statistical investigation.