Monday, September 26, 2011


Once upon a time there was a little boy called Punchinello and he wasn't a human being, he was made out of wood. The person who created him, his name was Eli, he created everybody. Every wood person lived in the mountain, some people had beards, hats, money, coats and mean and big eyes. When Punchinello was walking people started to put spots on him, he felted he didn't want to go outside because he felt sad and he was one of the lamest people. He went to this place where all people had spots. Punchinello met this girl called Lucia, she had no spots. Every person tried to put spots but it couldnt stick When Punchinello asked her how did she do it she told him it's from the person who made us, "his name is Eli". Punchinello thought that Eli will tease him. When Punchinello decided to go and talk to him, he knocked then Eli said, "come in. hi Punchinello". Punchinello said "how did you know my name? how did Lucia do that?" Eli said "what?". "When people were putting stickers, it couldnt stick" said Punchinello. When he asked how did she did it Eli said "don't trust those wemmicks, they put dots on you, trust in love and me". When Punchinello went out one dot fell off.

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  1. What an inspirational narrative I am looking forward for more of your amazing narratives.