Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Family Description

1. Chief /cooking Mum.
2. Boss of everything dad.
3. Loving ones is my family.
4. Babysitter is my mum or sister or brother.
5. I am the playful one in the family.
6. My brother and I and my dad are the sporty ones.
7. The joker in my family is my brother Puli because he always teases me.
8. The peacemaker is my mum she sorts me and my sister out.
9. The musician one is my whole family.
10.The taxi one is my two sisters, brother and dad.
11. My dad pays the bills.
12. The hungry one is my dad.
13. The nurse is my mum.
14. The builder is my dad and brother.
15. The kindness one is my brother and mum.
16. Sometimes I clean the dishes or my sister or my mum.
17. My mum cuts the grass or dad or brother or me.
18. Every school holiday I come to school for holiday programme.
19. I am the youngest in my family.
20. The prayerful one is all my family.
21. My brother is the brainiest.
22. I always take the rubbish bin outside.
23. I always go to church every Sunday.
24. I always look after the baby.
25. I am a fan of wrestling.
26. I am the hardest tackler in my family.

Monday, May 30, 2011


My name is Ascot and I am ten years old and I go to St Pius X school.

I have one brother and two sister’s and I’m the youngest in the family.
My favourite thing to do is playing outside with my cousin’s playing kicks over the goal post and playing PlayStation 2 game’s.
My favourite singer is Micheal Jackson, Bruno Mars, Jason Darolo, Chris brown and Usher.
My favourite game is Tecken 6 and 5. I’ve got eight favourite players Paul Phoenix, Amour King, Horang, Steve Fox, Bruce, Marshal Law, Moku Jin, Kuma Christie Motero, Need for speed underground, All stars, Sing star and Rugby08.
My favourite players of the whole rugby league is Billy Slater, Keven lock, Manu Vaitivai, Chris Sandow, Greg Engels, Daren Lockier, Ya Ye and Willy Tonga.
My favourite movie is Fast and Furious five and my favourite cartoon is Dragon Ball Z, Bakugan new Vestroia, Johnny Test and Ben 10 ultimate alien, Pokemon, Spongebob, Phineas and Ferb and Avatar.
My favourite subjects in school is maths, writing and RE.