Tuesday, May 27, 2014


This morning I learnt the basics skills and important skills about softball.  But before we go to the basics we sparked up a little game for a warm up.  The game we played was unknown to us and the game was called triangle tag.

Its when there is one tagger and the other three had to hold hands in a circle. The tagger has to tag a person but the person who is trying to escape from the tagger shuffle to the side and the other until the tagger tags you.

The basics I learnt were simple but still needed more work.  First I learnt the snap that you use your two hands one on the bottom and one on top. Secondly I learnt the under arm throw.  The under arm throw is how you throw it below your waist and also throw it with one hand.  

Next I learnt the how to catch the ball your hands have to be together and it will look shaped like a butterfly.  Also we learnt how to throw the ball over arm, one hand had to point to the opposite persons chest and the other is behind you with the ball facing away from your head.

We learnt great skills and use it when we play softball.

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