Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ascott - Portfolio 2013 Recount Writing

1st time in the swimming pool.

Today was my first time in the swimming pool.  While I was walking towards the tent I saw water dripping like I was in the street walking on cold pouring rain.  I walked up the stairs it was like I was walking on the plank falling to the water with sharks.  As soon as I stepped in the water it was warm like a blanket covered me.

When I swam to the other end it felt like I was doing snow angels on warm snow.  First we had to do streamline Mrs Tui called my number I took a deep breath then swam under the water I kicked my legs as fast as I could. Next we had to freestyle I felt like I was Michael Phelps I was alright but not good enough.

So Mrs tui splitted us to group of three groups.  I was groups with Catherine and Tevita Fohe.  Catherine was our leader she teaches us how to do freestyle properly.  After we had 2 minutes free play I was practicing my freestyle.  When Mrs Tui said ” to hop out of the pool ” I ran  quickly up the stairs and dressed back on my uniform.   

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