Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ascott - Portfolio 2013 Description Writing

My Description ( My Dad)  
I am learning to write a description writing with describing words.

My father rocks my world.  My father has black curly hair, brown eyes and a gold tooth.  My father is a bit tall and he usually wears a t-shirt with track pants. He is a bit roundish but just the way I like it.

My father is a smart person and a supporting father because he makes sure I have everything I need for school.  My father is a man of his word when he promises me he would buy me new things he would do it the following week.

My father is a fit and healthy man he runs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on the Mountain or at the block on his street.  My father is a hard worker because he provides food for my family and he pays the bills.  My father is a bad cooker because sometimes he cooks the meat undercook or it gets burnt.

Every time when I look at my father he has a big smile which lights my day.  I love my father I’ll always remember the happy and fun things we had. Thats why my dad is special to me and I’ll treasure that.

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  1. Ascot this is a truly moving piece of writing. You must be so proud of your Dad. I do hope you show him this writing.

    Mrs Burt