Friday, June 20, 2014

Mrs Pole's Farewell

Today I experienced one of the saddest moments in my school career and farewelling a teacher who is well known in St Pius X School. The teacher we farewelled was not only a teacher, she was a friend to most children who she teached.  Her name is Mrs Pole.

She has been teaching in St Pius over the last 17 years.  Mrs Pole is the most generous and the most efficient teacher you’ll ever meet.  Mrs Pole is a teacher that is always happy to help others with learning.

We showed our appreciation and love with a mass that involved her favourite hymns which were the Lord is my shepherd, Here I am Lord, Dance with the Lord.  Mrs Pole was surprised also very touched in her heart.

The students, ex students, Mr Coakley, the chairperson of the BOT and Mrs Meredith spoke on behalf of the parents. Mrs Pole then ended us off with her conclusion.  But she will leave at the end of term 2 and we will all miss her dearly and will keep her in our prayers.

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