Friday, June 13, 2014


Today we did a milk investigation about what will happen if the water can be absorbed out the milk.  My prediction came with a surprise with the result really expecting.  My prediction was that the milk was just going to be boily and also foggy.

Firstly the milk was poured out in the pot with low temperature ( Lid Closed ).  The milk started to boil, suddenly out no where milk powder started appearing onto the lid.  Next we opened it and it smelled strong milk smell.

Secondly the milk was stirred it, the milk was so bubbly that the volcano was going to erupt.  After that the temperature increased and the milk powder began to stick on the edges of the pan.  

Thirdly the milk started to shrink into bits and formed into milk powder.  Finally the water was absorbed and the result ended was that water can be removed from milk.

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