Friday, August 29, 2014

Expressive Writing PI Students

Expressive Writing  P.I Students or Pacific Islanders.

I have chosen this writing because this writing  I want my people to know about this and why they should think real hard about what is happening with us compared to everyone.  Also I want them to know we need to make a change with our lives.

All I hear these days are pacific Islanders are not achievers.  Everytime I hear it I get frustrated, confused and it’s like getting slapped in the face. Some people think it’s funny to be at the bottom, but it’s really embarrassing especially for people who do care.  Is it because where different coloured people to others or are we just doing it because it is what brown people supposed to act like.  I'm trying to make a change for me and for my culture, by the way we express each other to public, families, education and communities.

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  1. Hello Ascott:)
    I really like how you explain your thoughts and emotions. I also like
    how you talk about P.I students.
    Next time you could talk more about P.I students:)
    God Bless!!