Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Holiday

In the holiday I had four different experiences. The experiences I faced during the holiday were boring, sad, happy and fun.

One day my family and I decided to go to Coucou bay at takanini.  It was a hot sunny and bright day.  I was pouring with sweat like boiling water.  We finally arrived at the golden sandy beach.  I sprinted out and jumped into the cold, cool, wavy sea.  Minutes later, we did some fun activities.  It was time for us to go.  Only if I could stay or rewind our happy day to the beginning. I left with a big happy smile.

A couple of days later my cousin invited me to go to the exciting theme park rainbows end.  The first ride we decided to go on was the pirate ship. It went up and down just like a slide but enormous.  The pirate ship made my stomach tickle.  We participated on all rides like scorpion karts, invader, roller coaster and many more.  My enjoyable ride was the power surge.  I left with butterflies and headaches.  But I still left rainbows end with a big smile.

A week earlier it was time to say goodbye to my dad and brother.  They sorted their belonging.   As soon as they finished we slowly walked up stairs.  We looked at the schedule it was to relax we spent as much as we could before they left.  Minutes later we had to say goodbye tears were slowly came down.  I watched them walk past then they vanished from my eyes.  I left with a sad frown on my face.

The next day I had nothing to do, all I did was playing video games.  I was a lonely bored person just pressing buttons going up and down.  I was very bored with myself doing nothing.

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