Monday, September 16, 2013

My Experience at the Cluster Rugby Tournement

I had a great time at the cluster rugby tournament. I played in the overs and our captain was Eneasi. First I did some stretches and warm ups with the team, we were getting ready for our first game.  Before we walked to the field we went through the rules just to make sure everyone knows what to do in the field.  

We verse four teams which was Panmure Bridge, Glenbrae, Roportaka and Tamaki.  Our first match was against Panmure Bridge on field four we found them very easy and kept them scoreless.  After that we were against Glenbrae, Glenbrae gave us a good try but ended up short only by one try because they rely on one person instead of using the whole team.  We were undefeated so far in the tournament.

Roportaka was next in our list they tried their best but they were not good enough and we kept them scoreless.  We had a bye and our team were playing around instead of doing our game plan.  It was time to play rugby Tamaki's defence was tough to break.  When we had the hang of it we used our chances but we played well too late and loss. Our undefeated streak broke.

Our team had a lesson when we play around we won’t know what we are doing. We made it to the semi finals and we were against Glenbrae.  We won and kept them scoreless and made it to the finals the weather turned ugly.  Tamaki was beating us by one try then game over the game stopped early because of the rain and ended up coming second.  I was happy for our team and how we played as a team.

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