Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Why Did God Create Me?

Why Did God Create Me?

I was created by God to show Aroha, Tika and Pono to those who need help and the poor.

I was created by God to live with him in spirit and life.

I was created by God to show my talents and to believe in him.

I was created by God to live the way Jesus did on earth.

I was created by God to turn darkness into light.

I was created by God to let those who think wrong about themselves and to notice them that they are important.  

I was created by God to make a change to the world and my people.

Chilly Milk Experiment



WHAT YOU NEED: a selection of 3 different type of milk
clear container.

WHAT TO DO: Put  an equal volume of each type of milk in a clear container
Place each container in the freezer
Record what happens to each type of milk as it freezes.  Note its colour,
texture and shape.
Record the time it takes to each variety to freeze.

Type of milk
what it looked like once it had frozen
Time taken to freeze
Soy Milk
Whitish Creamy Runny
Condensed Milk
Yellowish - Whitish
Up & Go Milk
Chocolate - Brownish

The Result - We expected all three to freeze but we were surprised from the condensed milk from freezing.  The up & go and soy milk froze.  We questioned ourselves which one froze more.  But we knew it was up & go because the water % was higher than the soy milk.

Conclusion - We learnt the ingredients in the condensed milk.  Also we learnt why the condensed milk did not freeze.  The reason why the condensed milk did not freeze is because there was more sugar and fat than water.  If the condensed had more water it would have froze.  But the up & go and soy milk froze.

Ingredients for condensed milk

Sugar - 41.0 %
Moisture - 31.0 %
Milk Sugar - 10.5 %
Fat - 8.0 %
Proteins - 8.0 %
Ash - 1.5 %

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Retreat is a time to be calm and to show leadership in everything you do. By being calm we did prayers and reflections for others.  By showing leadership we learnt the three important virtues which is Aroha, Tika and Pono.  All the activities we all had participated in was to do with Aroha, Tika and Pono.  Retreat is to show what leadership is about also to reflect about it with God in prayer and to pray for our families and friends.  Retreat is not only about leadership it is about how we work as a team and to respect people's differences.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Mrs Pole's Farewell

Today I experienced one of the saddest moments in my school career and farewelling a teacher who is well known in St Pius X School. The teacher we farewelled was not only a teacher, she was a friend to most children who she teached.  Her name is Mrs Pole.

She has been teaching in St Pius over the last 17 years.  Mrs Pole is the most generous and the most efficient teacher you’ll ever meet.  Mrs Pole is a teacher that is always happy to help others with learning.

We showed our appreciation and love with a mass that involved her favourite hymns which were the Lord is my shepherd, Here I am Lord, Dance with the Lord.  Mrs Pole was surprised also very touched in her heart.

The students, ex students, Mr Coakley, the chairperson of the BOT and Mrs Meredith spoke on behalf of the parents. Mrs Pole then ended us off with her conclusion.  But she will leave at the end of term 2 and we will all miss her dearly and will keep her in our prayers.

Friday, June 13, 2014


Today we did a milk investigation about what will happen if the water can be absorbed out the milk.  My prediction came with a surprise with the result really expecting.  My prediction was that the milk was just going to be boily and also foggy.

Firstly the milk was poured out in the pot with low temperature ( Lid Closed ).  The milk started to boil, suddenly out no where milk powder started appearing onto the lid.  Next we opened it and it smelled strong milk smell.

Secondly the milk was stirred it, the milk was so bubbly that the volcano was going to erupt.  After that the temperature increased and the milk powder began to stick on the edges of the pan.  

Thirdly the milk started to shrink into bits and formed into milk powder.  Finally the water was absorbed and the result ended was that water can be removed from milk.

Warriors Game Expressive Writing

Ahhh! the crowd goes wild like crazy monkeys.  There goes the ball soaring into the sky like a bird.  The players start a game of a life time.  Boom! held 1 there goes the first tackle people getting real hyped.  After that he steps his opponent making him look like a joke.  There goes a hard boom! there goes a hit sounding like a car crash.  Score there goes a big moment the crowd goes loud, loud like the loudest boom box in the world. The player catches the ball running like he is going to run out of his skin.