Friday, August 17, 2012

My Supa Hero

I  drew my Superhero based on three people who inspire me. My first is God - he inspires me to do the right thing and lightning is his symbol. My second is my dad - The stars represent my dad. He tells me to always try my best and he likes to be in Australia.
And my last is my mum - the patterns represent my mum. She always supports me in everything I do. And this is my Superhero.

Victory For The Light Elves!!!!!

Victory For The Light Elves!!!!!
This week the almighty Light Elves wins the gold for Tug of War the boys was awesome they had a big anchor at the back with big muscled arms who just saved them. They were just amazing I can’t believe they win for their first time since 1900 until this year 1920 their having a big party with all their supporters it’s for a good day for New Zealand!!! The game was a fierce they were pulling hard as they could the crowd was going wild but the better team wins!!! Victory for the Light Evels.

Valerie Adams

Valerie Adams.
Valerie Adams represents New Zealand in shot put. She is 27 years old, Valerie Adams has brown eyes, black hair, brown skin, thin eyebrows, and she wears earrings.

She was born in New Zealand in 1984 on October the 6th. Valerie Adams likes to go outside and work in the garden with plants.

Valerie Adams took part in the in her first Olympics in 2004. Valerie Adams won 2 golds,1 silver and far in her Olympic career.

Valerie has made New Zealand proud and made us all proud. She is a talented woman.


Baseketball is an Olympic event and is also played around the world. Basketball is played inside a court with two hoops in two ends and 14 players in each team.

Basketball became an a Olympic sport in the 1900’s and the Olympics is a competition for people all around the world.

My favourite thing about basketball is how they slam dunk and do three pointers and my favourite player in basketball is Lebron James I think he is going to be the next  Michael Jordan.